David Betz

Continuous Delivery & Feature Enhancements for Leading Consumer Products Company 



Global Navigation

MegaMenu Enhancements


UX Design Lead

Newell Brands is a leading consumer products company with a portfolio of iconic brands such as Marmot®, Yankee Candle®, Graco®. Over the span of two years with the company, I worked on a number of differing work streams from International Migration, to the Product Discovery North Star Initiative. While doing so, making continuous delivery enhancements to the internal design system as well as the overall ways of working. Seen below are a just a few of the many delivered projects.

Global Navigation | Global Header Redesign



•Current design is bulky and takes up a large portion of real estate

•L1s lose prominence due to font size/weight and cluttered UI

•Utility Navigation and Icons have been reported to feel dated

•Icons and overall alignment is off


•Increase feeling of quality and trustworthiness across brands

•Reduce vertical height, while still surfacing key elements

•Increase usability for varying types of user journeys

• Reduced bounce rate

Global Navigation & MegaMenu Enhancements:



•Content is not always visible within desktop users' viewport which requires a further scroll to view additional categories and links

•Narrow menu panels feel dated and cluttered

•Excessive padding / white space


•Increase overall usability and improve product discovery

•Move to fullscreen menu panels to increase real estate and minimize scroll

•Adjustments to typography and overall menu spacing

• Include dedicated column to highlight special categories & content •Continue to allow for imagery / promotional content •Test information architecture and category hierarchy recommendations to better assist users