David Betz

Compliance Platform for Growth Stage Companies:



Paul Hastings


Product Designer

As growth stage companies shift from research to commercial operations, the Life Sciences Consulting Group at Paul Hastings believes that there is an opportunity to explore a compliance platform for growth stage firms. The platform would:

1. Provide a digitally-enabled compliance roadmap that crafts the required policies and procedures for go to market launch, and

2. establish relationships that might serve as lead gen for LSCG fee-based services.

Intelligence Analysis & Resources

Analyze current compliance state and provide resources to take next required step

Tailored Action Plans

  • Empower teams with actionable roadmaps that meet compliance requirements and drive business goals

Efficient Implementation

  • Optimize rollout of compliance actions across the organization

Seamless Socialization

Communicate compliance progress and priorities, internally and externally, effectively and seamlessly